Fundamentals of Computer Science II (CSC-152 99F)

Project Teams

I was astounded to see that so few of you had strong preferences as to what part of the project you would work on and who you would work with. Here are my assignments. Let me know if you'd like a new name for your team. Also let me know if you believe that your team chose a project other than the one listed below.

Note that the contact person for each group is highlighted.

Team Aardvark

Members: Jared Baszler, Prashant Paroda, Ashfaqur Rahman, Michael Yohay.

Contact: Jared Baszler,

Project: Graphical User Interface.

Summary: This team is responsible for the primary interface for the system. Users will use the GUI to connect to the system, view, organize, and send their messages. This team will rely on the Mailbox subproject for getting the messages, the Filter subproject for organizing the messages, the Preferences subproject for storing preferences, and the Composing project for composing messages..

Team Bison

Members: Dan Hawando, Ben Kaiser, Josh Vickery

Project: Network Infrastructure.

Summary: This team is responsible for building the classes that the Mailbox and the Maildrop will use for communicating with their respective servers. It is likely that the Picture group will also use the network classes. The team will need to learn about Java's networking system and consider how to make it more usable to others.

This team is also responsible for the Maildrop class (but not for the composing of outgoing messages).

Team Camel

Members: Chris Kern, Erin Nichols, Joe Simonson

Project: Filters.

Summary: This team is responsible for building the filters that affect the presentation of mail messages. In particular, they should provide mechanisms (classes?) for sorting mail messages, prioritizing mail messages, and selecting only a subset of mail messages. Since they will be doing the most with the MessageInfoList class, they are also responsible for the design of that class.

Team Chipmunk

Members: Kate Ducey, Gail Bonath, Minna Mahlab, Joe Pipkins

Project: Image Database.

Summary: This team is responsible for setting up an infrastructure that will let the GUI request pictures of senders. As a more practical matter, they are also responsible for getting pictures of and permission from students, staff, and faculty on campus. Their effort should support both a campus-wide database and a personal database.

Team Emu

Members: Wanlin Liu, Khong Lovan, Tony Nakaar, Elias Vafiadis

Project: Preferences.

Summary: This team is responsible for providing the infrastructure for storing and retrieving preferences. These preferences will be used primarily by the two interfaces (graphical and textual), although they may also be used by other subprojects. The team is also responsible for address lists.

Team Flamingo

Members: Jeremy Barton, Todd Holloway, Nick Lencioni

Project: Message composer.

Summary: This team is responsible for building the graphical interface used to compose messages. It will rely on the Preferences subproject for some composing preferences and on the Maildrop subproject to deliver the messages once they are composed.

If this group wants to challenge itself, it might consider how to add functionality for colored text and the other ``cool'' formatting options one can do in Webmail.

Team Group

Members: Paul Carlson, Sierra Soleil, Binyam Taddese

Contact: Paul Carlson,

Project: Textual User Interface.

Summary: This team is responsible for a textual interface (no graphics) that someone might run over Telnet or a similar program. The team need not provide an editor for composing messages (although it would be nice). It might (but need not) investigate how one might switch to emacs or pico for editing of messages. Like the GUI team, this team will rely on the Mailbox, Maildrop, Filter, and Preferences components.


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