Fundamentals of Computer Science II (CSC-152 2000S)

Project Teams

The team leader for each time is responsible for scheduling meetings, assigning tasks, and making sure that each member holds up his or her share. The contact is responsible for explaining the group's work to other groups.

Team Ahk


Team Leader: Kat

Contact: Amber

Subproject: Textual user interface.

Team Eggplant


Team Leader: Elizabeth

Contact: Austin

Subproject: Generic Player interface and ComputerPlayer class. (Team Mark has the same subproject.)

Team International


Team Leader: Yasir Mehboob

Contact: Ming Gu

Subproject: Interfaces for Board and Piece. Primary implementations of those interfaces and of the Rules interface developed by Team Math.

Team Mark


Team Leader: Paul Bailey

Contact: Gorski

Subproject: Generic Player interface and ComputerPlayer class. (Team Eggplant has the same subproject.)

Team Math


Team Leader: Alex

Contact: Jonathan

Subproject: Generic Rules interface and alternate implementations of the three main classes (Rules, Piece, and Board).

Team Texas


Team Leader: Ellen

Contact: Greg

Subproject: Graphical User Interface

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