Fundamentals of Computer Science II (CSC-152 2000S)

Final Project

As part of your work in CSC152, you will be working on a large final project. You will work in small teams of 3-4 students, and each team will contribute a different part to the project. The subprojects will, of course, depend on the intended final project.

We first tried this large project in Spring 1999, and students reported that it was quite successful in that it: (1) demonstrated practical uses for many of the issues we covered in CSC152; (2) provided an appropriate mechanism for discussing and learning about issues in software design; (3) strengthened students skills at working in groups; and (4) provided a useful ``line on the resume''. In Fall 1999, students came to much the same conclusions, although we did not get as far int he project as we would have hoped.

Potential Projects

In Spring 1999, we built a distributed online auction system which will be used for art auctions at Science Fiction Conventions. In Fall 1999, we built most of the parts for an email client. This semester, we will choose a new project. (And yes, you can have input into the choice.)

Here are some of the suggestions I've come up with. Feel free to suggest your own.

Emailer. We could continue to work on the email package from last semester.

Image Manipulation. We can put together a package that allows one to manipulate digital images. This may include blurring, rotation, and other things you come up with. It might also be appropriate to provide a form of animation by applying multiple transformations in sequence. We may even choose to make this scriptable (so that people can write simple programs to transform an image).

A Nonviolent Game. I'll admit that I don't have any great plans here, but I thought I'd throw it out as a potential idea. We may also want to throw some form of networking into the mix (and may even need to do so). I think some form of Calvinball would be interesting.

Pseudo-Vax. An application that provides many of the features that students miss from the vax, including chat and plan files.

Four Years at a Glance. An application to help students (and their advisors) plan their careers at Grinnell. Given the new requirement that students fill out a four-year plan when they declare their major, this application could be particularly helpful.

A Web Search Engine.

Approximate Schedule


Fall 1999

17 January 1999

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