Fundamentals of Computer Science II (CSC-152 2000S)

Notes on Assignment 2: A StudentInfo Class

This is a short set of notes on assignment 2. I will go over other details in class.

Sample Code Files


What was I looking for in your assignments? An essential part of the assignment was a demonstration that you could think about the fields that one would need for a student. While there are probably hundreds of possible fields, I did want to see, at minimum, name, gpa, id number, and one other thing. If you chose a particularly nice group of fields, I gave you a little bit of extra credit.

I also wanted to see that you could write working Java code. I'm pretty sure that all of you were able to write code that compiled and did something useful.

I particularly looked that you met the basic requirements of the assignment. In addition to the fields, I expected a constructor, some getXXX methods, some setXXX methods, a toString method, and one other interesting method. (Yes, I know that there's not much interesting to do with basic student information, but I expect that as Grinnell students you can be pretty creative.) I also expected that you tested most (if not all) of your methods.

Quick Notes

Some of my criticisms may currently seem pointless (e.g., that I expect you to write a comment for every field and method, even t he ones that have only one line). However, I find that if you make it a point to always do these things, you develop good habits.


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