Functional Problem Solving (CSC 151 2015F) : Outlines

List of Course Outlines

Class 56WrapupFriday11 December 2015
Class 55RecapWednesday9 December 2015
Class 54Merge SortTuesday8 December 2015
Class 53Insertion SortMonday7 December 2015
Class 52An Introduction to SortingFriday4 December 2015
Class 51Binary Search LabWednesday2 December 2015
Class 50Project Assessment: AlgorithmsTuesday1 December 2015
Class 49Project Assessment: ImagesMonday30 November 2015
Class 48Binary SearchWednesday25 November 2015
Class 47Association ListsTuesday24 November 2015
Class 46Analyzing ProceduresMonday23 November 2015
Class 45Pause for BreathFriday20 November 2015
Class 44Files in SchemeWednesday18 November 2015
Class 43Higher-Order Procedures, RevisitedTuesday17 November 2015
Class 42TreesMonday16 November 2015
Class 41Project KickoffFriday13 November 2015
Class 40On Two-Dimensional DesignWednesday11 November 2015
Class 39Pause for BreathTuesday10 November 2015
Class 38VectorsMonday9 November 2015
Class 37Pairs and Pair StructuresFriday6 November 2015
Class 36Randomized (Unpredictable) DrawingWednesday4 November 2015
Class 35Pause for BreathTuesday3 November 2015
Class 34IterationMonday2 November 2015
Class 33Turtle GraphicsFriday30 October 2015
Class 32Naming Local ProceduresWednesday28 October 2015
Class 31Numeric RecursionTuesday27 October 2015
Class 30Other Forms of List RecursionMonday26 October 2015
Class 29Recursion with Helper Procedures, ContinuedFriday16 October 2015
Class 28Recursion with Helper ProceduresWednesday14 October 2015
Class 26Preconditions, RevisitedMonday12 October 2015
Class 25Recursion Basics, ContinuedFriday9 October 2015
Class 24Recursion BasicsWednesday7 October 2015
Class 23Revisiting ListsTuesday6 October 2015
Class 22Images as Functions from Position to ColorsMonday5 October 2015
Class 21Anonymous Procedures, RevisitedFriday2 October 2015
Class 20Naming Local ValuesWednesday30 September 2015
Class 19Pause for BreathTuesday29 September 2015
Class 18ConditionalsMonday28 September 2015
Class 17Programming the GIMP ToolsFriday25 September 2015
Class 16Homogeneous Lists: Making and Manipulating Groups of Drawings Wednesday23 September 2015
Class 15Drawings as ValuesTuesday22 September 2015
Class 14Boolean Values and Predicate ProceduresMonday21 September 2015
Class 13Testing Your Procedures, RevisitedFriday18 September 2015
Class 12Testing Your ProceduresWednesday16 September 2015
Class 11Documenting Programs and ProceduresTuesday15 September 2015
Class 10Side Effects: Output and InputMonday14 September 2015
Class 9Writing Your Own Procedures, ContinuedFriday11 September 2015
Class 8Writing Your Own ProceduresWednesday9 September 2015
Class 7Transforming ImagesTuesday8 September 2015
Class 6Transforming ColorsMonday7 September 2015
Class 5RGB ColorsFriday4 September 2015
Class 4Computing with Symbols and NumbersWednesday2 September 2015
Class 3An Introduction to SchemeTuesday1 September 2015
Class 2An Introduction to LinuxMonday31 August 2015
Class 1An Introduction to AlgorithmsFriday28 August 2015