An Algorithmic and Social Introduction to Computer Science (CSC-105 2000S)

What computing knowledge do you hope to get from this course?


Nothing received.


I hope to learn about the basic ideas/theories upon which computing is based, and how the machines that have been built to use these ideas work (or don't). While I don't expect to leave this course a 'computer programmer,' I hope that I will gain some knowledge about what programs look like and how they operate. Furthermore, I hope to learn more about computing issues and their possible implications in an ever-increasingly computer-dependent society, even as a new stratification seems to be emerging between the computing technology 'haves' and 'have-nots.'


the computing knowledge i hope to get from this course is html and just some more background i guess, besides general computing. as i mentioned in my survey (which i just submitted), i'm totally comfotable using computers and can do most everything i need to on them (word, the internet, etc). also, i find that i can learn new programs fairly easily. i became interested in taking a computer science course because i had been considering the possibility of working in the catalog end of publishing for a few years, just for fun. i'm a big catalog shopper and love looking (though i rarely actually buy) online. so i pulled up job descriptions for two of my favorite online shopping sites (esprit and banana republic) and both wanted extensive computer background that i knew i could learn but didn't have. so i'm not taking this class specifically to gain those skills but just to add to my already existing ones. i figure any computer knowledge i can pick up in my time at grinnell will serve me well no matter what aspect of publishing and editing i find myself


I signed up for this course already familiar with various software programs and thier applications in order to better understand the history of computer development, and the abstract/theoretical level of computing's implications. I am also interested in the impact computers have made on the world both until now and will make in the future. I think that getting to know more of the foundational theory behind computer development will assist me in learning more about using computers and troubleshooting more efficiently. I often feel torn between loving and hating computers, and I am hoping that this class will make me love using them more, and despise their limitations less.


Jeana had not yet joined the class.


I hope to learn the programming language to create basic software programs and to create websites. Then I hope to be able to maintain the create software and websites. Also, I want to know how to make a website attractive to the public.


I hope to better understand how a program is created and executed, through algorithms. I hope to learn how to write simple algorithms, and understand and appreciate how programers write complex ones. I hope to learn some about the inner workings (i.e. hardware) of computers, as well as the positive and negative implications of computers/computing.


I hope to extend what little I already know about the basics behind the scenes of computers. Furthermore, I hope to discuss how computers may (or may not) affect society. I was excited to learn that we'd be doing some work with JavaScript because I have always been curious as to why that particular language is so often publicized, and I am also hoping to extend my HTML (via Java) capabilities a little further and hopefully be able to make a decent-looking web page some day.


I don't know if there is any specific thing I'm looking to learn. A lot of the topics in the course guide are things I've wanted to learn more about: HTML, JavaScript, AI. I would also like to learn a bit about internal hardware, cryptography, and I don't know what else.


Nothing received.

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