An Algorithmic and Social Introduction to Computer Science (CSC-105 2000S)

Special Outline for Week 5

As most of you know, I am out of town this week on a family emergency. Because I am out of town, I cannot update the link to the current outline. (There also won't be daily outlines.) This is a summary of the week to help you with the work. Note that Mr. Stone may change these questions.

Class 17: Monday

Subject: Open Source Software

Question for Monday's class: What do you see as the most significant problems and benefits of open source software? Why?

Readings for Monday's class:

Class 18: Tuesday is Cancelled

Class 19: Wednesday

Subject: Public-Key Cryptography

Question for Wednesday's class: Should encryption algorithms include a back door that gives government/police access to files in appropriate situations?

Reading for Wednesday's class:

Class 20: Friday

Subject: Computer Viruses

Question for Friday's class: Who do you consider responsible for the damage caused by viruses and why?

Readings for Friday's class:


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