An Algorithmic and Social Introduction to Computer Science (CSC-105 2000S)

Class 36: Expert Systems, Revisited

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Held Friday, April 7, 2000


Today we continue our discussion of the predicate calculus and expert systems by considering some of your own rules in more depth.

Question 36 for discussion today: Model some set of relationships (preferably something other than family trees) with the predicate calculus.

Question 37 for discussion on Monday: Neural networks take a different approach to artificial intelligence. Rather than trying to mimic the way we think we think, they try to mimic physical aspects of the brain. Do you expect this to be a fruitful road to AI? Why or why not?




Reasoning with Predicates, Revisited

Examples, Revisited


Saturday, 22 January 2000

Friday, 7 April 2000

Back to Expert Systems. On to Neural Networks.

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