An Algorithmic and Social Introduction to Computer Science (CSC-105 2000S)

Class 33: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

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Held Monday, April 3, 2000


Today we begin to consider issues of artificial intelligence. Today's outline does not yet have an overview. Please let me know if you think it should have one.

Question 33 for today's class: What, in your own words, would be sufficient criteria to judge a program as "intelligent"?

Question 34 for Tuesday's class: The algorithms Dewdney describes assume that both players make the best possible move. How would the min-max and alpha-beta pruning algorithms change if one player selected a move randomly?




A Note on SlashDot from Cathy's Friend

I know you really love it when I give you links like this, but I really am worked up about all the copyright issues that have cropped up recently.

Find attached a slashdot debate on the DMCA. It's too late to really submit a comment to the Copyright office about it, but it doesn't hurt to be aware.


Pay particular attention to this thread:


It is very educational and features a few posts from YT.

I encourage you to hand out fliers explaining the DMCA and maybe what the MPAA has done to me:




Saturday, 22 January 2000

Monday, 3 April 2000

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