An Algorithmic and Social Introduction to Computer Science (CSC-105 2000S)

Class 15: Computer Crime, Revisited

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Held Wednesday, February 16, 2000


Today, we continue our discussion of computer crime and computer security by revisiting the text and considering techniques we might use to prevent these crimes.

Question 15 for today's class: Describe a technique we can use to conceal information.

Question 16 for Friday's class: Should the government have the right to access encrypted files?




Class Structure

Today we'll try a different way to look at these issues. Instead of the semi-recitation that we've done for the past few days, I'm putting you in charge of the discussion. I'll choose one of you to start (and may choose other roles, too).

Some Questions

I think it may help to start with some broad questions:


Saturday, 22 January 2000

Wednesday, 16 Febraury 2000

Back to Computer Crime and Morality. On to Public-Key Cryptography.

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