An Algorithmic and Social Introduction to Computer Science (CSC-105 2000S)

Apirl 3, 2000: Artificial Intelligence

Notes on a discussion in CS105 taken by Jeff Stone

How do we decide if something is intelligent? How do you reconcile your socialist beliefs with being on a cruise ship? No answer.

Another planet and intelligent life? Contains a language faculty or ability to communicate with others How complex is the language? Grunts may or may not be communication (Food, Drink, Girl) Grasp of intangible concepts

Definitions of intelligence are human based. Communication with dogs or horse. Humans also define communication. Intelligence is difficult to determine or judge.

Animals and intelligence? Anthropocentric criticism

Social interaction and intelligence? Intelligent people lack social skills Observe something and not interfering in life Scientific observation Ants and dolphins--ants are social and have social unit--are ants communicating?

Is the community of ant intelligent? (Should intelligent be judge on the macro or micro level)

Anti-social does not equal non-intelligent; conscious choice not to communicate or be social.

Does society have an English bias? If one is unable to speak English they are frequently judge non-intelligence.

Judging ancient civilizations? Calendars and tools. Very subjective. Is the standard a manifestation of human society?

Is the question of intelligence just asking is something is like us? Or does it function like us?

How far should intelligence be separated from humans. Capability to process information independently. Without interference. Creating own response, not simply a response.

Intelligence may be the wrong word when dealing with computers. Should computers assist or replace humans? Are the standards of human intelligence and computing intelligence different?

Is intelligence the process of understanding? Understanding is accuracy and knowing why it is accurate. Why is it correct that 10+2=12?

Dishwasher knows what needs to be done? Following directions is not intelligent. Why do machines need to know why?

Why do we need intelligent machines at all? Macines need to be able to expand upon what is already known. Is it worthwhile?

Learning? Learning is a requirement of intelligent. Intelligence is evolution or self improvement or adapting. Evoling compared to the past. Problem-solving. Working ants are utilitarian. Do they know why? Do they need to know why? Does a computer need to know what it is doing? Should the proper role of AI be to assist humans or replace (or at least compete with) humans.

Advancement is often associated with intelligence and should not be done so.

Consciousness? Communication. Conscious of one's own self and one's surroundings. Can a machine have a consciousness. Everything in a machine is programmed. Is that the same as a human doing the same thing? Computer knowledge can be boiled down to a series of ones and zeros.

Knowledge in the machine is something that isn't programmed? GHOST IN THE MACHINE. GHOST IN THE MACHINE. Sorry...

Reacting is not conscious. Must be conscious in order to learn? Human beings are inherently intelligent? Standardize testing? Reproduction of information? 1600 on SAT and is that the smartest person in the world? Intelligence on the microlevel is difficult to analyze.

HUmans on the macrolevel are intelligence: Ability to learn Research Science Technology Use to create shelter Abstract thoughts Act in a rational manner HUman to human comparison is diffifult to determine with respect to intelligent. Every human understands God.

Instinct is intelligence? Survival instincts and intelligence? Maybe humans are hardwired the same way as computers. Self preservation or self-defense.

Does one have to be alive to be intelligent? Tenet of life is to protect self and create more of self in the form of offspring.

Intelligent mind and unintelligent deeds. How are they correlated? Off is not dead, off is sleeping and no one beats on it keys.

Philosophical problem. Redefine lines. AI may serve to replicate the brain. Build neurons and give inputs and look for outputs and see if they learn anything.

(BREAK) Something about meat. "They will be considered crackpots."

"How cold the universe would be if you were all alone?" Black holes at the food coop. Something about a Grinnell alumni.

How is a program intelligent? What is intelligence? Human intelligence as base? Focusing on limitations of computers rather than accomplishments and what computers are able to do Intelligence is something we do. Intelligence might not be actions rather actions are just intelligent acts. Terminator and Knight Rider bring the ruckous. Matrix and AI taking over the world. Deciding to act without input. Output does not correlate with inputs. Unique thinking.

AI based on human ideas to begin with. How to measure? Turning test. Chinese alphabet test? Computer: verify! form of computer. Robotic computer. Response is critical issue?

Tests? Open ended.

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