An Algorithmic and Social Introduction to Computer Science (CSC-105 2000S)

intro and daily news (refer to webpage)

formal friday-sarah, background-->sierra

sam s.--what is the turing test?

described as a parlor game... involves three people, a judge, a woman, and a man, who try to figure out each other's identities from different rooms, communicating by typing. if a computer can keep the judge convinced for five person that it is a person, then it passes the turing test and is considered "intelligent."

cathy's thoughts-the turing test may not test intelligence, but since there is a need for a test, it's as good as any. note: it tests being human more than being "intelligent."

adan/alfonso-new idea for a test. matching answers an AI program would give to the answers a majority of people would give.

sam s.-reminds us that our definition of intelligence is still very human-centered.

sam r.-had fun playing god

sam s.-intelligence, giving good answers, but should be able to aruge as well

joel-interrogator responsible for asking good questions

cathy-are children's responses "intelligent?" if a computer gave child-like responses, would we consider that intelligent?

liz-points out our assumption that our def of intelligence is a fully-formed, adult version. what about learning?

jeff-doesn't test for non-verbal communication.

cathy-can we teach a program to lie?

sarah-being sarcastic

sam s.-other ways for a computer to represent itself outside of a monitor? robotic form? physical interactions.

liz-agrees, why does a computer have to be limited to a monitor?


adan/alfonso-furbie toy? learns?

sarah-we're emphasizing learning, how can we reflect that in a test?

liz-testing of chimpanzees' judgement

animal learning? adapting to human-specific things we've introduced into the world?

jeff-turing test, is the computer mimicking (sp?) or really "creating" original thought?

dolphins dogs helen keller math tests

AI's goal is "human," not animal, intelligence.

trust in an AI program?

role of an AI program?

idiot savant/expert systems

computer for a judge

liz--ai is hard cathy--ai is not going to happen for a long long time sam s.--it may not be what we'd planned

creative endeavors?

the end have a nice day! sorry about the lack of caps! :)

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