Problem Solving and Computing (CSC-103 98S)

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Problem Set 8: Dates and Times

Assigned: Thursday, April 9, 1998
Due: Thursday, April 16, 1998

For this assignment, you should work on the problems in order.

1. Celebrating Birthdays

Joan was born in 1896. In 1998, she was 102, but had only celebrated twenty-four birthdays (not including the day she was born). Joan's great-great-grandson, John, was born in 1996. If he lives to 2098, he will celebrate twenty-five birthdays (not including the day he was born). Can you explain why?

2. November 11

Grinnell has decided that November 11, 2011 would be a great day for a party. What day of the week will it be? [No, you may not use the Unix cal program to determine an answer.]

3. When Can William Drive?

According to the laws of Iowa (or some variant of those laws), it is possible to get a learner's permit on your sixteenth birthday. William Rebelsky was born on July 31, 1995. If today is April 9, 1998, how many days are there until he can legally drive?

4. Clocked

[Taken from Thinking Mathematically, p. 163]

When my son was born, my wife and I agreed that if he woke up before 5 a.m., she would go and feed him, but after 5 a.m. I was to go and bring him into our bed. One night when he woke up, my wife looked at the clock in the dark and said it was my turn. Surprised, since it seemed rather dark, I nevertheless acqueiesed. Later, it turned out that my wife had looked at the clock upside down and mistaken 12:30 for 6:00.

When will the hands of an updside down clock show a proper clock time?

5. Leap Birthday

[Taken from Thinking Mathematically, p. 178]

I was present once when a father truthfully told his 7-year-old daughter that it was his 9th birthday. The daughter asked him when they would first have celebrated the same number of birthdays.

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