Problem Solving and Computing (CSC-103 98S)

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Starting Your Journal

Assigned: Tuesday, January 20, 1998
Due: Thursday, January 22, 1998

Summary: For this assignment, you will start your problem solving journal for this course. You will use this journal to record your work solving problems, your answers to certain essay questions I ask, and the time you spend on problem solving. I will ask to see your journal every Thursday this semester.

Setting Up Your Journal: Select an appropriate bound notebook to use as your journal for this course. You should use the notebook only for this course, particularly since I will borrow your journal at selected times.

Number the pages of your journal for easy reference. Make sure to number every page.

Reserve the first page or two for a table of contents.

At the back of your journal, set up a time recording log. You should have seven columns: Date, Start, Stop, Interruption, Total, Activity, and Comments. Each time you do work for this class, you should record your stop and start time and the activity (problem solving, writing, reading, programming, etc). If you are interrupted while working (e.g., by a phone call, "the munchies", or whatever), record the time spent while interrupted.

Using Your Journal Write a few paragraphs describing your background in mathematics and computing. When you work on the assignments for the next class, keep notes on your work in your journal. When you do your readings in Thinking Mathematically, record your notes in your journal. Record the time you spend in the log.

Evaluation: I will read your background essays, check to make sure that you've recorded some problem-solving work, and make a few notes on your problem solving notes.

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