Problem Solving and Computing (CSC-103 98S)

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Review for Exam 1


These are some of the topics we've discussed or read about. The list is not necessarily complete.

Problem Solving Topics

Computing Topics


I am still working on the exam, so I have not yet determined the exact format. However, I do have an approximate format. The exam will most likely include


These policies (or a very similar set) will appear at the front of the exam.

This examination is open book, open notes, open mind, open computer, open web. Feel free to use any and all resources available to you except for other people. As always, you are expected to turn in your own work. If you find ideas in a book or on the web, be sure to cite them.

I strongly recommend that you read over the whole exam before attempting to answer any questions.

Answer all of your questions in a blue book. If you would prefer to, you may write all of your answers on the computer and print them out at the end of class. If you write your answers in the blue book, you need not do the problems in order (but it would help me if you provided a table of contents). If you type your answers on the computer, please do them in order.

I will give partial credit for partially correct answers. You ensure the best possible grade for yourself by highlighting your answer and including a clear set of work that you used to derive the answer.

I will not be available during the exam. If you feel that a question is badly worded or impossible to answer, note the problem and attempt to reword the problem in such a way that it is answerable.

Because this is a course in the process of problem solving, I expect to see resolutions in addition to solutions. I will look for a clear description of your problem-solving process in addition to your solutions, and will give your description of the process at least as much weight as your solution.

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