Fundamentals of Computer Science II (CSC-152 97F)

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Assignment Five: Lists

Summary: In this assignment, you will implement singly linked lists using arrays.

Note: I'd recommend you get this done by Thursday, October 30, since support is generally available on Tuesday and Wednesday and the next assignment will be due the following Thursday. However, I have given you some extra time since it's post-break.

Collaboration: You can work on this assignment in groups of up to size three. You may discuss your design with any size group. You may also work with each other on general debugging issues.

If you work as part of a group, you are responsible for ensuring that all members of the group understand all sections of the assignment.


Develop an array-based implementation of lists of integers, called IntList. Your implementation should include a "current" reference to the list. Your implementation should support the following routines (and they should have the same names):

Note that you will need to define your own ListException class (and perhaps subclasses of that class). You should also develop an appropriate test suite for your class.

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