Math 131: Calculus I

Contact Information

Instructor: Marc Chamberland
Office: 2522 Noyce Science Center
Phone: 269-4207

Office Hours

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Calculus, 6e

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Syllabus up to the first exam
Syllabus up to the second exam
Syllabus up to the third exam
Syllabus up to the final exam

Homework (15%)
Three One-Hour Exams (3x17%=51%)
Final Exam (34%)

Course Description : We will cover most of the textbook up to the end of Chapter 7. This includes understanding properties of functions such as limits, derivatives, and integrals. We will consider applications to various disciplines such as physics and economics and also to pure mathematics itself, such as geometry.

Learning Outcomes:: The broad learning goals of the course are:
Class Attendence and conduct:: If you need to miss a class because of a conflicting obligation (away sports game, religious holiday, etc.), let me know ahead of time. During class, you are expected to come prepared to work, including engaging with other students when requested. Cell phone usage during class is not permitted. Laptops may be used during class only for course related work.

Workload:: Daily homework (except on test days) should normally take two hours to complete. The three semester tests and the final exam will require a substantial amount of studying if you want to do well.

Academic Honesty: Grinnell College's Academic Honesty policy is located in the Student Handbook available online. It is the College's expectation that students be aware of and meet the expectations expressed in this policy. In this course, students are allowed to work with others on the homework but they should acknowledge at the top of their assignment who they worked with.

Accomodations: If you have specific physical, psychiatric or learning disabilities and require accomodations, please let me know early in the semester so that your learning needs may be appropriately met. You will need to provide documentation of your disability to the Associate Dean and Director of Academic Advising, Autumn Wilke (x3089), located on the third floor of JRC.