Iowa Collegiate Mathematics Competition, 2006

The event

The twelfth annual Iowa Collegiate Mathematics Competition was held at Luther College on Saturday, March 4, 2006. Teams of two or three students each worked on a collection of ten problems for three hours, submitting written solutions.

Grinnell College fielded twelve teams: The Abel Group of Three, Mark Two (Norman Perlmutter 2007, Will Boney 2008, and Matt Johnson 2008), the Chris French Fan Club (Doug Babcock 2006, John Bowers 2006, and Andrew Rinne 2006), Ray (Brigham Hoegh 2008, Brianne Benness 2008, and Sheng Wang 2008), Les Bonbons (Vivien Wang 2008, Lynn Ji 2008, and Mike Hu 2008), Eastern Europe (Valeria Vulpe 2008, Iliana Radneva 2009, and Andriana Nikolova 2007), :-) (Chris LeBailly 2008, Avram Gottschlich 2007, and Trevor Sedberry 2007), Slackers (Trang Nguyen 2008 and Eric Omwega 2008), Grinnellji (Gaurav Gupta 2007, Siddharth Srivastava 2009, and Lynn Xue 2009), Finite Group of Order 3 (Anne Eaton 2008, Vicki Foss 2008, and Emily Levenberg 2007), 10!2 (Rolf Hoyer 2008, Emmon Chu 2007, and Katrina Honigs 2008), YuPraHa (Hou Yue 2009, Prabal Adhikari 2009, and Hai Tran 2009), and Monkey Sauce (Russ Waller 2007 and Nikoloz Sakvarelidze 2009).


The Abel Group of Three, Mark Two won the competition, earning 65 points (of a possible 100).

:-) earned 51 points and placed third.

The rest of our field also turned in creditable performances:

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