Iowa Collegiate Mathematics Competition, 2005

The event

The eleventh annual Iowa Collegiate Mathematics Competition was held at Iowa State University on Saturday, April 15, 2005. A total of thirty-two teams of two or three students each worked on a collection of ten problems for three hours, submitting written solutions.

Grinnell College fielded eight teams: The Abel Group of Three (Will Boney 2008, Matt Johnson 2008, and Norman Perlmutter 2007), the Chris French Fan Club (Andrew Rinne 2006, Doug Babcock 2006, and Arjun Guha 2006), Farvaldem (Demetrio Rojas 2008, Valeria Vulpe 2008, and Fardous Bahbouh 2007), the Incredible Trio (Mahi Demissie 2006, Stephane Nyombayire 2006, and Tue To 2006), Non-Math Majors GC (Zed Yilma 2005, Suyog Shrestha 2006, and Trang Nguyen 2008), Top 10 (Jingkan Gu 2006, Oge Nnadi 2006, and Yvonne Palm 2006), Triangle Kit (Kate Kearney 2005, Emily Markovitz 2005, and Avram Lyon 2006), and Wild Turkeys (Brett McMillian 2005, Katie Ryan 2007, and Justin Wallace 2005). Mona Chughtai 2008 also participated, joining two participants from Clarke College.


Non-Math Majors GC earned 79 points (of a possible 100) and placed second in the competition. The Chris French Fan Club earned 78 points and placed third. The Abel Group of Three earned 77 points and placed fourth.

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