Iowa Collegiate Mathematics Competition, 2002

The event

The eighth annual Iowa Collegiate Mathematics Competition was held at the University of Iowa on Saturday, April 13, 2002. A total of thirty-two teams of two or three students each worked on a collection of ten problems for three hours, submitting written solutions.

Grinnell College fielded nine teams:


Here are our teams' results. Up to ten points were awarded for each problem.

The team of Ming Gu, Jonathan Wellons, and Rajendra Magar earned 100 points -- the first perfect score in the history of the competition -- and took first place.

The team of Benjamin Blehm, Emily Resseger, and Andrea Gelatt earned 93 points and placed third.

The team of Matthew Bond, Raicho Bojilov, and Devdatta Kulkarni earned 87 points and placed fifth.

The team of Hangmin Zhu, Moe Hein Aung, and Guangchao Feng earned 66 points and placed twelfth.

The team of Dawa Lama Sherpa, Sanchit Chokhani, and Ananta Tiwari earned 65 points and placed thirteenth.

The team of Sarah Campbell, Nathan Gotman, and Logan Axon earned 63 points and placed fourteenth.

The team of Gregory McGraw, Jonathan Emmons, and Morgan Page earned 59 points and placed fifteenth.

The team of Joseph Benson, Kathryn Thomas, and Justin Wallace earned 56 points and placed seventeenth.

The team of Omondi Kasidhi, Omna Solomon, and Ode Ojowu earned 31 points and placed twenty-sixth.

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