Iowa Collegiate Mathematics Competition, 1998

The event

The fourth annual Iowa Collegiate Mathematics Competition was held at Iowa State University on Saturday, April 4. A total of twenty-three teams of three students each, representing nine Iowa colleges and universities, worked on a collection of ten problems for three hours, submitting written solutions.

Grinnell College fielded three teams:


The results were announced at the April 1998 meeting of the Iowa Section of the Mathematical Association of America. Up to ten points were awarded for each problem.

The competition was won by the team of Reba Schuller, Tim Andrews, and Zorka Milin. Their solutions received 66 points.

The team of Hudson Ludvigson, Nicole Nelson, and Dmitry Krivin earned 54 points and placed fourth in the competition.

Despite being short-handed, the team of Anne Wilson and Dan Willms earned 41 points and placed eighth in the competition.

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