Charles H. Jepsen: Selected publications

Constructing equidissections for certain classes of trapezoids (with Paul Monsky), Discrete mathematics, 2008.

Equidissections of kite-shaped quadrilaterals (with Trevor Sedberry and Rolf Hoyer), Involve, 2008.

Fitting one right triangle in another (with Valeria Vulpe), Mathematics magazine, 2007.

Dissections of p : q rectangles into thirteen p : q rectangular elements (with Ming Gu),Discrete mathematics, 2006 (supporting software and data files).

Orders of L-shaped polyominoes (with Lowell Vaughn and Daren Brantley), Journal of recreational mathematics, 2004.

Quadrilaterals with integer sides (with Jennifer Heppner and Daniel Willms), Mathematics magazine, October, 2000.

Making squares from Pythagorean triangles (with Roc Yang), The college mathematics journal, September 1998.

Equidissections of trapezoids, American mathematical monthly, June-July, 1996.

Dissections of p:q rectangles, Mathematics of computation, April, 1996.

Dissections into 1:2 rectangles, Discrete mathematics, January, 1996.

On tiling an m x m square with m squares (with Stephen T. Ahearn), Crux mathematicorum, September, 1993.

Packing a box with bricks, Mathematics magazine, April, 1991.

The Matrix Algebra Calculator: Linear algebra problems for computer solution (textbook and software package, co-authored with Eugene Herman), Brooks/Cole, 1988.

On colorings of finite projective planes, Discrete mathematics, January, 1987.

Tiling with incomparable cuboids, Mathematics magazine, December, 1986.

Coloring points in the unit square, The college mathematics journal, May, 1986.

Semiregular polyhedra, in Two-year college mathematics readings, 1981.

Billiard balls and a number theory result, The two-year college mathematics journal, November, 1979.

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